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  1. What's in a prompt?

    Published: Sat 07 December 2019

    In fish.

    There's something weird about shell prompts. You'll see them described as "minimalist" or featureful, and you'll see them as multiline, single-line, monochrome or lit up like a christmas tree, but they'll all incorporate the same 10 or so bits of information:

    • The working directory - where the shell currently "is"
    • The …
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  2. The best FAQ doesn't exist

    Published: Tue 16 July 2019

    In fish.

    In fish < 3.0, we've had a frequently asked question [1] that adding bindings in your config.fish (the configuration file) didn't work.

    You see, fish doesn't use the common "readline" library, but has its own input/output facilities, and to bind keys you'd just execute a bind command like …

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  3. Cool stuff in fish 3.1

    Published: Sat 29 June 2019

    In fish.

    We're at that point in the release cycle where it's taking shape, and we're slowly thinking about maybe releasing. We don't have a set release schedule or anything, and there's quite some stabilization to be done, but we know most of what will be in the release, so now seems …

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  4. Sometimes, support tools can delight

    Published: Fri 28 June 2019

    In fish.

    What's this blogging thing all about? Lemme check!

    So, there's a recent addition to fish that I really like. It's called "littlecheck", and it's a new test driver [1].

    Now, test drivers are unlikely to ever really receive praise (or even be mentioned at all in most contexts), but they're …

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