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  1. I do not like the Bash Strict Mode

    Published: Tue 27 July 2021

    In software.

    Ever seen this command?

    set -euo pipefail

    That is the "Unofficial Bash Strict Mode". It's a set of options that's meant to make programming in bash more predictable. It is beloved by bloggers and internet commenters everywhere.

    I don't like it.

    First, a disclaimer

    I work on what is arguably …

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  2. I don't care about reimplementations

    Published: Tue 01 June 2021

    In software.

    There is a category of software [1] that I simply can't bring myself to care about.

    That category is reimplementations.

    What do I mean by that?

    Now, when I say "reimplementation", I mean a thing that provides the same interface to me as another thing and can be used instead …

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  3. Putting regexes where they don't belong

    Published: Thu 21 January 2021

    In software.

    This is the story of a hack.

    It's not anything wrong or bad. It works quite well, but it just has that... quality. The one where you see it and you laugh in amused disgust.

    This is the story of how I made python do regexes when it shouldn't do …

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  4. Terminals are kinda bad

    Published: Tue 08 December 2020

    In software.

    I spend a lot of my time in terminals.

    That's probably a bit of an understatement. Really, basically all of my time on a computer is spent either in a browser, in a videogame or in a terminal. I like text-based interfaces, and I still don't know why I would …

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  5. Your Defaults Could Be Better

    Published: Sat 23 May 2020

    In software.

    My Emacs configuration is 655 lines.

    This means a few things:

    • I need to add 11 more.
    • Emacs is amazingly configurable and programmable [1]
    • Emacs could really stand to have some of these as defaults.

    What do I mean by that last thing?

    Well, see for yourself. Here's emacs as …

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  6. BashFAQ through fish's eyes

    Published: Sat 07 December 2019

    In fish.

    So here's one thing I wanted to do for a while. Let's look at the BashFAQ and see how it holds up in fish.

    This is not a comprehensive comparison (in particular the BashFAQ is by its nature something of a list of bash's most obvious problems) and I'm going …

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  7. What's in a prompt?

    Published: Sat 07 December 2019

    In fish.

    There's something weird about shell prompts. You'll see them described as "minimalist" or featureful, and you'll see them as multiline, single-line, monochrome or lit up like a christmas tree, but they'll all incorporate the same 10 or so bits of information:

    • The working directory - where the shell currently "is"
    • The …
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  8. The best FAQ doesn't exist

    Published: Tue 16 July 2019

    In fish.

    In fish < 3.0, we've had a frequently asked question [1] that adding bindings in your config.fish (the configuration file) didn't work.

    You see, fish doesn't use the common "readline" library, but has its own input/output facilities, and to bind keys you'd just execute a bind command like …

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  9. Cool stuff in fish 3.1

    Published: Sat 29 June 2019

    In fish.

    We're at that point in the release cycle where it's taking shape, and we're slowly thinking about maybe releasing. We don't have a set release schedule or anything, and there's quite some stabilization to be done, but we know most of what will be in the release, so now seems …

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